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Welcome to THE OFFICE OF ACADEMIC PROGRAMS (OAP), a unique campus-wide unit created to promote quality teaching within the research university that is UC Santa Barbara. It also serves as the administrative control point to monitor and coordinate the overall operations for the departments of Instructional Development, Extended Learning Services, Summer Sessions, and the Education Abroad Program.

The diverse agencies under the aegis of OAP impact the campus in a variety of ways but always within the goal of advancing the instructional mission of UC Santa Barbara. OAP strives to support first-year programs that provide opportunities for students to launch their college careers successfully and enthusiastically, for example, under the direction of a faculty member in the Residence Halls. Instructional Development, winner of a 1998 Hesburgh award for contributions to undergraduate education, offers counsel and media to faculty and graduate students seeking to enhance their teaching. OAP also offers assistance to the faculty with assessment of courses and curricula, classroom design and renovation to assure state of the art instruction, TA training and instructional consultation. The Education Abroad Program provides students an opportunity to acquire a truly liberating education through study abroad during the school year. Summer Sessions provides students opportunities to enhance and augment their curricula during the summer and to take advantage of special programs, such as travel study, only available in the summer. OAP extends the resources and talent of the research university to the wider public as a major provider to UCTV and through Extended Learning courses for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Conceived to support campus initiatives in teaching and learning at all levels and for all audiences, the Office of Academic Programs stands ready to respond to the ever changing challenges of education in our time.


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UCSB Extension partners with College of Engineering to offer Technology Entrepreneurship Professional Certificate Program

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